It is summer…it’s July almost halfway gone and things are strange.  We have had so much rain here where I live, hardly any sun so far.  And being in the house most of the time has been like a cheese grater traveling up my spine.  Dialysis and doctors, doctors and dialysis; this has been the life this summer for someone who loves activity and getting out amongst people.  I almost feel like I am hiding my light under a bushel and that is not my calling in life.  But maybe it is.  Perhaps I have thought I could handle things myself and I know better to think that. My faith is that I trust only in God to guide my path.  So I am thinking today very seriously that this is a period of time in my life that I must get back into my relationship with Him again.  Although I still spend my special quiet time with Him, I haven’t been able to get outside and enjoy His presence in the flowers and the songs of the birds, the flittering squirrels playing in the yard and the giant trees of the neighborhood.  I can still get out on the porch and enjoy Him as before.  And I will.  In fact I feel moved to do that right now before the day is ending.  Have a wonderful evening to you and yours and be blessed beyond your dreams today.  Every day is a gift.  Open it all through each day you are given and enjoy it to the fullest.  One day at a time…that’s the way to live…and enjoy every second of it. To the porch I go, to meditate on creation.


Italo Calvino said: The more enlightened our houses

Italo Calvino said: The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts. Describe the ghosts that live in this house: Image credit: “love Don’t live here anymore…” – © 2009 Robb North – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic

Making the Choice

A very beautiful and meaningful piece that I hope you find helpful in your own life. Have a blessed Sunday. Watch your fluids and make sure you are eating enough protein all dialysis patients. Love and Hope

Diabetic Redemption

This is a reblog of a post I wrote for Zazen Life.  Tim contacted me there after reading one of my posts, and asked me to elaborate for his site.  Now, I am returning it to my blog.  I hope someone finds some help in it somewhere, or at least an interesting read:

Making the Choice

 So often in life, we drift past the opportunity to make a choice; many times, the choice doesn’t seem vital enough to spend time on.  Or perhaps we sense that the choices are too large or too vital and that we are incapable of wielding that kind of power in our own being.  Sadly, with these fear-based hesitations, we pass by an opportunity to know more of ourselves – our spirits and our lives, and to direct our futures.

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Dialysis Buttons for your Buttonholes

This is the first I have heard about the plugs. I wonder if the infection rate is higher using these since the sites are open all the time.

I use the blunts for removing my scabs because they have a removal tool covering the needle itself. I don’t particularly like them because of the sharpness causes difficulty in lifting the scab out completely, but would never be able to use a sharp to do the job. My hat is off to you for that feat. Good health to you and yours and stay positive always.

Big D and Me

In my last post, I mentioned that it is becoming more common for units to get people started with buttonholing by inserting a plug into each needle hole for a couple of weeks so that buttonhole and tunnel formation are accelerated.  I met with Anna Flynn, a very experienced practitioner of this technique last week to get the whole story. As you know, I am a big proponent of buttonholing (using the same needle holes for each dialysis session) for several reasons. 

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Truth About Kidney Disease

In the beginning when you are diagnosed with CKD, which is chronic kidney disease, there are certain things you need to do to help your body do the best it can to keep things running smoothly. Diet, exercise and drinking water are very important. The special diet, called a renal diet is very important in slowing down the progress of CKD keeping you off of dialysis as long as possible. It’s a progressive disease that completely changes your life and that of your family and friends. This is a good article to help in this process.

jenny hoper's tips to get over kidney disease

Your body will work day and night to make sure that you are in the best health of your existence. Your body wants to do whatever it takes to make sure that you get into the best health of your life and stay that way. If you are experiencing any sort of health issue then your body will work overtime to help you overcome that issue as fast as possible. Yes the renal disease symptoms will help you do things that really matter.

You can easily get into the best health of your life once you know what steps you need to take to move forward.

Once you are confident in the steps that you are taking all you really need to do is make sure that you are taking action every single day of your life. Massive action on a regular basis is the only thing that will produce…

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Been in the hospital for awhile

with an infection in my blood that took some time to find the antibiotic that would act one it. They tried about ten of them before they found the one that seemed to start working on it.

Don’t know where this infection came from. I started with the fevers two days before I had to have my teeth extracted because of the bone pulling away and allowing bacteria into my gums.

While in the hospital, the pain was so bad I couldn’t eat anything except applesause and yogurt and as a result my albumin dropped to 3.8. I have been in the same condition with the pain from cut gums from the dentures that have been ill fitted and have basically been on a liquid diet for four more weeks. I hate to think what my albumin is now. My nephrologist is very angry and told me I was going to end up back in the hospital if I don’t get some protein into my body. Sodium is very low, too and neither is a good sign as all dialysis patients know.

The doctor told me to start making some very high protein shakes to serve as a meal each day with yogurt, Boost High Protein shake, frozen strawberries or blueberries and ice. The only thing is that this is a high phosphorus and potassium shake, so I am searching for some other shakes that will fit the bill.

I did get into the dentist yesterday and got some adjustments and feel a little better, but there is still pain and the bite is still off some.

The trip with DPC to Washington was a great experience in March and the prayers from friends and family and my wonderful church family brought strength to allow me to have a wonderful time. DPC is a wonderful non-profit organization who lobbies for quality of life issues for dialysis and transplant patients all over the country and I knew they were the group for me when I got out of the hospital with acute kidney failure and started searching for somewhere that I could be of help and advocate for my Dialysis Family all over the US.

If you are looking for a group that you can get education, wonderful advice with monthly Ambassador Conference Calls and printed follow ups to help you or a loved one, and possibly help with letters and media templates for your newspaper, radio and TV stations in your city, please consider joining this great group that is run by dialysis patients. The Board of Directors consist of Dialysis Patients, too.

As a member, you will receive a monthly Newsletter full of ideas and help articles.

Hopefully as my strength returns, I will be able to get back with my blog and enjoy all of your stories again.

Remember that THE NONO SLEEVE price has been reduced to $6.99 now. I want everyone to be able to have a SLEEVE to protect their fistulas and for oncology patients to protect their ports by boldly informing medical personnel not to put a blood pressure cuff, IV or any kind of blood draw or pressure on that arm.