Hello world!

Hello World! I would like to introduce a new and exclusive product on the market for dialysis patients, mastectomy survivors, lymph node removal survivors in the oncology world.

This product is called THE NONO SLEEVE and there’s nothing like it existing to protect compromised arms from medical mistakes that happen every day in doctor’s offices and especially in hospitals everywhere.

For example. THE NONO SLEEVE says NO BP Cuffs, NO IV’s, NO Blood draws of any kind on this arm because you can damage it and even cause my death.

Being a dialysis patient myself, I was taught from the beginning that I had to take particular care of my fistula because it was my lifeline. I must keep it clean, not carry or lift anything heavy because it can rupture and I can bleed out in mere seconds. Even a pocketbook hanging on my wrist, or a grocery bag is forbidden. A fistula is very delicate and really is your lifeline. The same goes for all the oncology patients who have ports rendering their arm or arms compromised.

A nurse developed THE NONO SLEEVE out of necessity when her father-in-law was so afraid of a nurse coming in and putting a BP cuff or prick his finger for a diabetes check, he could not sleep in the hospital for an infection that was not related to dialysis at all.

THE NONO SLEEVE is made of a non-compressive, breathable red material to draw attention to the compromised arm. It is also a latex-free material for those who have an allergy to latex. Everything possible has been done in the make-up of this SLEEVE to make it safe to wear on your arm. There is a logo at the wrist that is shaped like a stop sign that says “NO BP, NO IV’s”. There is a place for your name, and R/L arm to circle. It is light in weight and can be put into your purse or pocket until needed.

The price is right on this NONO SLEEVE at $10.00. That is the most affordable Life Insurance you can have. Just contact me by email: prince5909@bellsouth.net, Facebook, Manta or Linkedin. I pay the taxes and shipping and handling for you.

Nephrology offices, Oncology offices, hospitals, dialysis centers who wish to gift these wonderful products to their patients are offered a bulk rate all the time.

There is much to much for us in these positions in life to think about rather than worry about having our arms damaged by mistakes made by other people. This NONO SLEEVE takes some of that worry away and lets us concentrate on the better things in life.


10 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. judithatwood

    Harriet — I can’t wait for us to learn more about each other. Thanks for your kind words — believe this: I leave out some of the tough parts! As for writing, you’ve likely heard this before: write, write, write. I wrote things like a description of my 50th birthday, the reason I like lamb with mint jelly, etc. Each word you write is pulling your story closer to the real world! Good luck!

  2. harrietprince Post author

    I’m so happy to be involved with your blogsite and am sure I will learn a great deal from you. I am still working on my story when I can sit long enough and get quiet enough to be guided in the writing of it. All this time and I have never actually put my story on paper and I really am wanting to do that. I have looked all over your site and like what I see. Also like the brains behind it. Our journeys are as different as the stars in the heavens and I like seeing what you are doing to help you get through yours. Talk to you later and it won’t be much later either. LOL

  3. judithatwood

    I agree with you, and thank you for your candor. I don’t mean to talk about what your blood sugar should be, or any of that crap — I’m going to tell a slightly altered story about myself, a 14 year old girl left to deal alone with diabetes, and some of the stuff she faced because of it. This will not be a how-to, but rather a loose collection of anecdotes. I think!

  4. judithatwood

    Hi, Harriet. Me again, and this time I welcome you to the small but faithful few who make up the readers group for my poetry blog, The Sun Drips Honey. I have a Friends page here, too, where you can tell other readers about your self and your blog. Also, if you write or read poetry, I have spots for that — Friends poetry, and favorites from earlier readings. I’d love for you to add your touch to these pages, as well. Welcome!

  5. harrietprince Post author

    Yes I do, Devon. Frankly, I haven’t learned how to upload photos at all. When I say I’m new at this, I mean as green as a bean. lol. I will find out how and post a couple so that you can see how useful they would be, and how noticeable they are to stop any medical mistakes from happening.

  6. DevonTexas

    Hey Harriet! Do you have pictures of the NONO Sleeve? I’d like to see what they look like. I think It’s a great idea and, as you point out, one that could save a life! I look forward to reading your blog and I invite your readers to visit mine at DevonTexas.WordPress.com

  7. judithatwood

    Hi, again, Harriet. Yes, I’ve been tested — I’d guess hundreds of times. My creatinine just popped from 2.7 to 3.3 in the last couple of weeks, which, obviously, is stage 4. I am just cleaning up a post about it now — will publish shortly.

    Thanks for your kind advice and for your blessings, both of which I value so highly. I’m glad you found me! 😎

  8. harrietprince Post author

    Out of curiosity, Judith, have you been tested to see if any kidney disease has started because of your diabetes? If you have not been tested yet, by a simple blood test at your primary care doctor’s office, I would urge you to start getting tested regularly. CKD (chronic kidney disease) shows no symptoms at all in the beginning. You would be wise to stay on top of this. Not all diabetics get CKD it seems. I know a lot of people who are not even diabetic and still have the disease. Family occurances of CKD are a likely flag, but not every member of a family gets the disease either. I am working on my story to blog soon which is totally different from anyone else’s story. Every person has their own unique story to tell. None of us take the journey in the same way with the same circumstances. So that really means that anyone first diagnosed should get a nephrologist and become very close with him. No one will know your body as well as he/she will and the direction of the disease, if you even get it. I look forward to getting acquainted with your Diabetic Redemption family of readers. Thanks for the welcome and I look forward to blogging with you and your friends who soon will be mine, too. Have a great weekend. Blessings.

  9. judithatwood

    Hi, Harriet, and welcome to Diabetic Redemption’s family of readers. I’m glad you’ve joined us. On my site, you will find a Friends page, where my readers leave info about themselves and their blogs. I invite you to do the same. I’m looking forward to a real give and take with you about kidney failure, and I will be buying a NONOSleeve when I start dialysis. What a great idea! Again, welcome!

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