“The Most Affordable Life Insurance You Can Own” when you have a fistula or port compromising your arm.



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  1. harrietprince Post author

    How sweet of you, Judith to say these wonderful things. I feel my head swelling. You made me courageous with your remarks. I know it is a good product and essential for a dialysis patient to protect their fistula.

  2. Judith Atwood

    I was already convinced; now that I see the sleeve on the arm, I believe even more solidly in its benefits. I am curious — do you wear it always, or just for lab appointments? This was a terrific idea, and now, produced, will be the best friend for many, many people in the future. Quite an impact — I am very, very proud of you! …way to go, bloggy sister of mine!

  3. harrietprince Post author

    That’s right, Devon. Should you have to go to the ER for any emergency, the most available arm will be grabbed and a BP cuff slapped on to get your vitals started. A BP cuff or an IV starting in your arm is the worst thing that can happen. It will damage your arm, at least and can rupture your vein causing you to start bleeding out. That vein and and an artery are connected as you know and the blood flow through that fistula is very strong. A person can bleed out in mere seconds. THE NONO SLEEVE presents a bright red warning against touching that arm first thing. Then at the wrist is the “stop sign shaped” logo tells the medical worker NO BP’s .. NO IV’s. The sleeve carrys a guarantee that it will protect you from harm. Also, THE NONO SLEEVE is so light in weight that it can be easily folded and placed in your purse or pocket to carry with you at all times. I keep mine with me all the time in my purse and put it on when I go to even the doctor’s office. I heard from one lady whose son had just had his fistula put in his arm and one week later, went back to the same surgeon for a follow up and the nurse placed a BP cuff on his arm. His fistula could have been ruined within a week of getting it. His mother purchased a NONO SLEEVE and has the security that this will never happen again. Every medical office I have visited has fallen in love with THE NONO SLEEVE and say that it is the best thing they have seen and these are the same people that hand out those little wristbands that do no good. More and more practices, hospitals and dialysis centers are beginning to buy these to give to newly diagnosed patients to use in connection to the instructions on “how to take care of your fistula sessions.

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