What THE NONO SLEEVE looks like…….

What THE NONO SLEEVE looks like……..

The NONO SLEEVE looks like an excellent way to stop nurses or doctors, including CNA’s from approaching your compromised arm with a BP Cuff, an IV butterfly needle, a diabetes testing prick for your finger.  It tells them right away that this arm is not to be used for any of these things.

One of the recommendations I have received on Facebook is from a mother whose son had just had a fistula surgery placing it in his arm.  She said just one week later her son had to go back to the surgeon’s office, the same one that placed the fistula, and the nurse placed the BP cuff on his arm.  Mistakes can happen even one week after you get your fistula.  Her son didn’t notice, nor did she until the last second before the cuff was pumped up, sqeezing his arm.  His fistula could have been ruined had the blood pressure been taken.  You just cannot be too careful. She contacted me on Facebook and ordered a NONO SLEEVE immediately and her son is now safely protected to go to a doctor’s office or the hospital should the need arise as it often does with dialysis patients.

There are other recommendations on Facebook from people who have discovered THE NONO SLEEVE and the needed protection it provides. They have discovered the value in price for the quality they receive in this product.