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Bad Food Cravings – How to Solve Them Wisely

Food cravings are the most horrible feelings around. Especially if you are diabetic or have kidney disease at any stage, along with many other chronic diseases. Also bad when you are trying to lose some weight or just trying to improve your overall health by changing your lifestyle. I have found that by eating the proper foods on my renal diet that my cravings have all but disappeared unless I get sick or other things, like pain are invading my body now with ESRD and dialysis.

Food choices are very important on the Renal Diet and Diabetic Diet and the more we know about the benefits and downfalls of certain choices of what we put into our mouths the more we can be proactive in the progression to kidney disease and in every stage of CKD the more we can control the progression of kidney disease and possibly go many years before dialysis begins. Of course, exercise is just as important to our health.

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Of course, we are all in prayer for our friends in the upper part of our country, all the way to Maine after the ravaging Sandy who came ashore with a terrible consequences left in her path last night.  Our TV’s are hung on every bit of information we can learn about the fires, floods and destruction left in the wake of this huge, angry storm that will be a part of history as the biggest storm in our history.  Almost 900 miles huge, she has destroyed many lives and carried out to sea possessions, never to be seen again.  But that is what they are, possessions and can be replaced.  The lives lost, and millions of displaced families are what is on our minds and hearts as we watch in horror what they will be facing in the days to come; for many years to get back on their feet and build their lives once again. 

Our hearts are with you all.  Our prayers are with you and we wish for you strength and courage to take it all one day at a time.

It is a tough thing, being on dialysis in the sense that there is so much that you have to keep on the front of your mind as you go from day to day.  One of the things is caring for the fistula, which is your lifeline.  It is the place where your blood is taken from your body and returned as clean as possible by a machine sitting beside you for 3 to 4 or more hours three times a week, or more if you are dialyzing at home. 

We are told in the beginning when we get our fistula that we are to put our fingers along the fistula line to feel the “thrill”, which is a rushing feeling of blood flowing through the attached vein and artery.  If we don’t feel that “thrill” something is wrong, it is clotted or somehow not working.  We are told to check for this “thrill” several times a day from now on.  Remember, it’s not a pulsing of the vein but that rush that you are looking for.

Don’t carry a purse or grocery bag over that wrist.  No pressure is allowed on that arm because it can destroy your fistula very easily.  Don’t allow a blood pressure cuff or IV or any kind of blood draw or even checking for sugar in diabetics.

It’s a lot to think about, isn’t it?  This is where THE NONO SLEEVE is a very helpful tool for us.  It covers the forearm of your compromised arm and protects you from needless medical mistakes that can happen in a doctor’s office, a lab, and especially if you are in the hospital for any reason.  You just don’t have to worry about your lifeline being destroyed because of carelessness and neglect because of miscommunication between medical professionals, tired CNA’s who come in in the middle of the night to start that IV or draw early morning blood for labs.

Many things you have to consider and think about when you are on dialysis.  THE NONO SLEEVE is the protection you need for your peace of mind.