It’s a beautiful Saturday here in Charlotte NC today and it’s good to be alive.  I was just going to take Rowdy for a short walk, and it will be short because of my back, but I feel the need to spread my wings for a minute or two.

I want to remind everyone that during the Month of December, THE NONO SLEEVE is on sale for $8.00.  It would make an excellent gift for yourself or a loved one who is on dialysis and has a fistula in the arm, or if you have had a mastectomy or Lymphoma; any oncology issue that compromises your arm. 

THE NONO SLEEVE is the most protective tool you can have to keep medical mistakes from happening, especially if you are in the hospital with nurses and aides in and out all day and night.  

A blood pressure cuff can cause terrible damage to your arm and in the case of a fistula especially death if your lifeline bursts.  No IV’s or blood draws are allowed in that arm.

This includes transplant patients who still have a working fistula, too.  Also if you are on PD and have a fistula for your back up, you need this protection as much as anybody else.

All you have to do is call my cellphone 704-877-3320 and use PayPal.  They will notify me and your SLEEVE will be shipped out to you immediately. 

You can send your name and address along with $8.00 to THE NONO SLEEVE, 4827 Smokehollow Road, Charlotte NC 28227 and as soon as it arrives your order will be immediately filled and shipped. 

We are on Facebook, Manta and LinkedIn too. 

In the meantime, have a glorious weekend.



  1. harrietprince Post author

    That is so unusual, but it does happen. A transplant is a miracle to me and a living donor is even more so. The donor is a hero all the way in my eyes. I will be praying for this person and his brother. They will always be in my thoughts even though I don’t know them. Thank you for telling me about them.

  2. harrietprince Post author

    How wonderful for that fella who did not have to take immunosuppressive drugs for six years! That is amazing to me. Thanks for the thought and remember that I am thinking and praying for you each day as you journey. I hope your appointment turned out well with the neph. Just remember to eat right and do at least 10 minutes of exercise each day. 10 minutes can change your life.

    Have a most wonderful day, my friend whom I admire so much. You are truly an inspiration.

  3. judithatwood

    I had my nephrologist appointment today, and I thought of you while I was sitting in the lab. I also met someone there who is a transplant recipient. His little brother and he matched so well, he didn’t have to take immunosuppressives for six years!

  4. harrietprince Post author

    Well, Judith, the first and really important thing is to keep medical people from slapping a blood pressure cuff on the arm with a fistula for dialysis, or placing an IV in that arm. These are two of the most damaging things that can be done. One woman came in one week after her son had had his fistula put in and the doctor tried to put a BP cuff on that arm. In one week a horrible mistake and could have damaged his arm beyond repair, which means they would have had to find another spot to redo the fistula.

    Another lady in Canada has both of her arms compromised with fistulas and the medical personnel are continually trying to start IV’s and put BP cuffs on both her arms. She is in constant danger of damage to both her arms.

    A wonderful lady who has had a heart transplant, cancer and other things that compromise her health to the extreme.

    Then there is a lady in the UK who has had a double mastectomy, who desperately needed THE NONO SLEEVE.

    My own arm has been saved many times since I started selling THE NONO SLEEVE. No matter where I go, someone sits me down in a chair with my left arm on the wrong side of the BP cuff machine and the way I talk all the time, if I were not paying attention and didn’t have my SLEEVE on would have lost my fistula long ago. I can’t use my right arm because the veins are too small and the legs are the only two other places I could have a fistula put.

    It is all important to protect your fistula or port and the doctors will tell you that as soon as they put one in your arm. I have heard of several people who have ruptured from mistakes and bled out during the night, because sometimes your arm will bleed at night if you removed your bandages.

    It isn’t a frivolous thing about keeping your arm safe. You can’t sleep on it, carry a purse or a grocery bag on it with any weight to it at all. Being careful with that arm is the most important thing you can do after you get a fistula or port. And it is completely up to you to take care of your arm. You must keep it clean at all times to keep germs from getting in… must feel your arm several times a day for the “thrill” which is different than a thumping. It is a rushing of blood through the vein. If there is not a “thrill” your arm is in trouble and you will have to go to the hospital or access center to see what is wrong. The more protection you have at your disposal the safer you are at any one time. No kidding. This is very important.

  5. judithatwood

    I have to say again, this simple idea is amazing — how many complications have you helped people to avoid? How many lives have you saved? You are a blessing to the world, my dear.

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