What is your opinion of drinking while on dialysis? Seems to be the question of the month. Being a non-drinker I have to say to each his own. But I personally don’t see any advantage to it.



Here’s a really good posting about consuming alcohol for kidney patients from the Renal Support Network.  Read it here.

I find that it’s not the alcohol that I have to worry about, it’s the mixers.  Fortunately I enjoy Vodka Gimlets that are mostly vodka and an ounce of Sweetened Lime Juice.  And, I really enjoy single malt Scotch all by itself.  I have a bottle of 25 year old Macallan that I’ve been working on for about 10 years.

The key to most of the holiday issues is Fluid Control.  I posted about this in “Dialysis and Fluid Control“.  Use small cups or glasses when you drink.  It’ll seem like more but you don’t consume as much.

Also, watch the Phosphorus and Potassium!  I skipped the mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving.  Instead I stared at them like a teenage boy at his first center-fold.  As much as I…

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