Executive Dining's Nourishment

The holidays are upon us! Holiday stress is also upon us. You may feel that you have too much to handle, you are overwhelmed, and everything seems to be going wrong. You reach for the candy bars or chips as a way to relieve your stress. It may work for the very short time, but soon you will experience a crash and will feel worse than before.


Side effects of stress eating:
— Candy, chips and cookies are a fast track to happiness through the load of simple carbohydrates which results in a “sugar high.” But, after the high comes the low. The load of simple carbohydrates leaves you feeling sluggish, tired, and even suppresses the immune system for hours after intake.
—  Caffeine is no help either. When you are anxious or stressed, your body is already stimulated. Add caffeine, a stimulant, and you are setting yourself to crash even…

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