wishes you a very Blessed Christmas and a most Happy New Year.  We are all in need of a fresh beginning with a lot of positive thoughts and most of all a fresh Attitude about our lives, no matter how our journey is going.  I am especially drawn to dialysis patients, because I am one.  But there are many other people that I talk with, who are in chronic pain and have just as deadly diseases and conditions. 

My special wish for all who are hurting is that your pain will be eased.  All people on a waiting list for any kind of transplant, you are in my prayers daily. 

I am so delighted with all the people I have met through WordPress and hold you in my heart as well.

My best advice is to keep Hope alive, because without that, we really are lost.  Hope and holding His Hand  through life no matter what the situation is the only way to make it.  I know that myself, because through dialysis I have had no fears or anxiety and especially Stress and life is good.

I got a Christmas Present yesterday from the DPC.  I will be going to Washington DC in March for the World Kidney Day Fly-In.  This is such an honor and privilege to represent all dialysis and transplant recipients around our country.  I pray my back will be healed enough that I can go and am believing that I will be able to go. 


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  1. harrietprince Post author

    Thank you, Holly. I hope all my pain is gone by then because I want it to be a very successful trip from my side of it. I hope your holidays were happy, too.

  2. harrietprince Post author

    Thank you and I hope you are preparing for the New Year’s resolutions if you make them. Be happy at everything and tell your husband that he is in my thoughts and prayers as well. He and I are on the same journey and have to stick together.

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