Has the Flu gotten you, yet? Please read this article to avoid being attacked by using The Dracula Cough, and Wash Hands, Wash Hands, Wash Hands.
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The Patient's Voice

By Tony B., Director of Research and Information

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Unless you have been lucky, you have or had influenza (flu), know someone who has been or is sick or are like me and ride public transportation daily and get coughed or sneezed on an average of two times a day. This year has been an early and aggressive flu season. There have been slightly more hospitalizations than normal, but the trends are still too early to be definitive. An interesting tool you can use to track flu activity in your area is Google Flu Trends located here. Google uses search terms such as certain medications or other health related information to determine where flu activity is most likely occurring. Their tool is not perfect, but has been able to predict flu outbreaks even before official surveillance networks. Another tool that you can use comes from the Centers of Disease Control…

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