Been in the hospital for awhile

with an infection in my blood that took some time to find the antibiotic that would act one it. They tried about ten of them before they found the one that seemed to start working on it.

Don’t know where this infection came from. I started with the fevers two days before I had to have my teeth extracted because of the bone pulling away and allowing bacteria into my gums.

While in the hospital, the pain was so bad I couldn’t eat anything except applesause and yogurt and as a result my albumin dropped to 3.8. I have been in the same condition with the pain from cut gums from the dentures that have been ill fitted and have basically been on a liquid diet for four more weeks. I hate to think what my albumin is now. My nephrologist is very angry and told me I was going to end up back in the hospital if I don’t get some protein into my body. Sodium is very low, too and neither is a good sign as all dialysis patients know.

The doctor told me to start making some very high protein shakes to serve as a meal each day with yogurt, Boost High Protein shake, frozen strawberries or blueberries and ice. The only thing is that this is a high phosphorus and potassium shake, so I am searching for some other shakes that will fit the bill.

I did get into the dentist yesterday and got some adjustments and feel a little better, but there is still pain and the bite is still off some.

The trip with DPC to Washington was a great experience in March and the prayers from friends and family and my wonderful church family brought strength to allow me to have a wonderful time. DPC is a wonderful non-profit organization who lobbies for quality of life issues for dialysis and transplant patients all over the country and I knew they were the group for me when I got out of the hospital with acute kidney failure and started searching for somewhere that I could be of help and advocate for my Dialysis Family all over the US.

If you are looking for a group that you can get education, wonderful advice with monthly Ambassador Conference Calls and printed follow ups to help you or a loved one, and possibly help with letters and media templates for your newspaper, radio and TV stations in your city, please consider joining this great group that is run by dialysis patients. The Board of Directors consist of Dialysis Patients, too.

As a member, you will receive a monthly Newsletter full of ideas and help articles.

Hopefully as my strength returns, I will be able to get back with my blog and enjoy all of your stories again.

Remember that THE NONO SLEEVE price has been reduced to $6.99 now. I want everyone to be able to have a SLEEVE to protect their fistulas and for oncology patients to protect their ports by boldly informing medical personnel not to put a blood pressure cuff, IV or any kind of blood draw or pressure on that arm.


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  1. jatwood4

    Dental infections are one of the worst kind — they transmit everywhere in the body. Thank God they found the right antibiotic! Be strong, my friend!

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