Making the Choice

A very beautiful and meaningful piece that I hope you find helpful in your own life. Have a blessed Sunday. Watch your fluids and make sure you are eating enough protein all dialysis patients. Love and Hope

Diabetic Redemption

This is a reblog of a post I wrote for Zazen Life.  Tim contacted me there after reading one of my posts, and asked me to elaborate for his site.  Now, I am returning it to my blog.  I hope someone finds some help in it somewhere, or at least an interesting read:

Making the Choice

 So often in life, we drift past the opportunity to make a choice; many times, the choice doesn’t seem vital enough to spend time on.  Or perhaps we sense that the choices are too large or too vital and that we are incapable of wielding that kind of power in our own being.  Sadly, with these fear-based hesitations, we pass by an opportunity to know more of ourselves – our spirits and our lives, and to direct our futures.

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  1. jatwood4

    Thank you for the reblog, Harriet. I don’t know how we lost touch, but I’m not going to let it happen again. All the best, and I hope you are well and happy!

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