What THE NONO SLEEVE looks like…….

This is THE NONO SLEEVE:  A Guaranteed Protection against Medical Mistakes.  It is the Most Affordable Life Insurance That You Can Have.

  • Bright Red for optimum visability
  • Fabric is Breathable, Non-Compressive, Light and Airy to Prevent moisture from forming.
  • Logo at the Wrist Showing NO BP’s, NO IV’S
  • There is a Specific Space for Your Name
  • R/L Should be Circled for Which Arm is Compromised by a Fistula or Oncology Port
  • Guaranteed Protection Against Medical Mistakes
  • Latex-Free for Those Who Have an Allergy to Latex

3 thoughts on “What THE NONO SLEEVE looks like…….

  1. Angie Kidney

    I like how that is my arm in the picture! I think the NoNoSleeve is a great idea because I am tired of telling them why they cannot use that arm. Especially the nurses while I was in the hospital and not feeling well. 😉

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  3. harrietprince Post author

    This revolutionary, and relatively new product developed in 2010 January, is the only product on the market exclusively made for dialysis patients to protect the fistulas that have compromised their arms and take special care to maintain a clean, healthy site for dialysis. It has also proven to be highly effective for oncology patients, such as mastectomy and lymphnodes that have been removed and a port is in their arms, too which need protection from blood pressure cuffs, IV’s, blood draws and even finger pricks. In the case of a fistula or port, they are a lifeline to the patient and care must be taken to guard against medical mistakes. These mistakes can happen in a doctor’s office you may visit weekly. They happen most of the time when you are in the hospital, unable to speak for yourself. Miscommunication between medical personnel is very common and these types of mistakes are made on a regular basis. The little bracelets do not work. They are hardly noticed anymore because there are so many for so many causes. My kidneys failed acutely just a month after my fistula was put in place, not even noticeable. A sign was put on the wall behind my bed to no avail. The early morning IV’s at 3:30am, and very regular bp readings taken were always aimed right at my left arm where my fistula is. I was not myself for days and could hardly speak for myself, but I had a very caring nurse who worked 12 hr shifts and she guarded my arm, for which I am so grateful.

    When I got out of the hospital, it was an accident, but I stumbled on this product. So impressed, I got in contact with the developer and asked to be a sales agent for THE NONO SLEEVE after I had bought my own and used it. The truth is that with this SLEEVE, you never have to worry about protecting your arm. The red color attracts the right attention immediately. Then there is the logo, shaped like a stop sign at your wrist that indicating NO BP’s….NO IV’s. There is a place to put your name and which arm so that no question is there for that arm to be left alone. It is my lifeline and yours, too. We were all told when we got our fistulas how important they were and how we were to take care of them.

    THE NONO SLEEVE is only $10.00 including taxes and handling. This is the most cost effective Life Insurance you can have. Just call me at 704-877-3320 or email me at prince5909@bellsouth.net. You can pay by paypal right over the phone or send a check with your name and address. I guarantee this product will protect your arm and take a load off your mind. They make perfect gifts for your friends or loved ones who are on dialysis or oncology patients.

    More later to come on this perfect protection.

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